Download vShare on Apple TV

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vSharevShare is a third party app store that lets you download paid apps for free and if you like expensive apps then vShare is made for you. The app store does not require you to buy a subscription or pay for the apps you download, just download vShare and start download apps on your device for free and you don’t even need to sign up! vShare has a large collection of popular apps that you can choose from and you can also transfer the downloaded apps to other devices. The app store offers fast transfer speeds so you can download multiple apps faster and it also provides updates for the apps downloaded using vShare on a regular basis so you always use the latest version of the apps on your phone.

Apple TV is a micro-console or a digital media player which is developed to give you the best TV viewing experience on your HD or 4K TV with the best set top box money can buy. Apple TV now relies more on the apps then it used to before because now more and more people are using Apple TV to stream movies using Netflix or other entertainment apps. Apple TV plays a number of apps and you control or navigate the console using the remote which is provided with the set top box or you can also download the Apple TV Remote app on your iOS device from apple app store which will allow your phone to act as remote.


Download vShare on Apple TV

  • Turn on Apple TV and select the App Store icon from Home screen.
  • Navigate to the Featured tab and search for vShare.
  • Click on vShare app icon.
  • Click the “Get for free” option and select “Buy” to confirm.
  • Now vShare will download and install on your Apple TV
  • After successful installation, run vShare and start download more apps!

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